Conda – UnsatisfiableError – when installing modules

I was installing TensorFlow for Python 3.6 using conda and I got the error conda install -c conda-forge tensorflow Fetching package metadata …………… Solving package specifications: . UnsatisfiableError: The following specifications were found to be in conflict: – python 3.6* – tensorflow -> python 3.5* Use “conda info <package>” to see the dependencies for each … [Read more…]

The move from Android to iOS

                    For me to move from Android to iOS was a big step as there was the difference in the operating systems, culture and everything that followed along with the iOS. Why I moved There was this particular problem with the Android it was that the … [Read more…]

Password Reset

I don’t get it why people are trying to reset this blogs password.  Get yourself a  And I am not selling you this blog either.  Thank you for visiting.