HAL.DLL fix system crash error

just had my laptop crashed and the error was a hal.dll error. i had tried to install longhorn and it gave me an error. got it solved by keying in bootcfg /rebuild. try the bootcfg /scan if it gives an error then go ahead with the /rebuild option. i just gave in the /rebuild option … [Read more…]

ie vs other browser

preference would be other browser now why would somebody do that? moving this explanation a little further, it could be said that adding a few patches makes the version number of ie go up. tabbed browsing and rss has been now for over a year. ms can provide it as an update, so where is … [Read more…]


i was waiting (im)patiently for the installation of vista….. and on boot up ERROR not ready xxxtl.exe damn the devils….. just cant wait to get my hands on vista, ok i have this craze to learn new os / software etc. and gates having released vista beta 2, i have to wait till next week.

very strange

i have this linux proxy server which permits users to chat at certain times via the acls. now everything was working fine, one fine morning it does not let users chat. after going through the entire acl i changed put the allow before the deny and VOILA it worked….. HMM….. now what went wrong huH!

microsoft live

i say microsoft has come out with this live program of permiting personally owned domains to have their own email id yourname@yourOwnDomain.com. those from the US get a 250 MB to start off. now aint that kewl. 🙂