GoDaddy says they cannot reproduce

You host with godaddy then its a fine web host if you have 1 hit a month, very sweet going. If you have above 15,000 hits a month, godaddy cannot survive that. They bring down the website with a 503 and 403 error. Send them a email asking what is the problem, it seems you are sending a mail to dead people. No reply at all. Then I write an email to Bob Parson, President of GoDaddy, it takes him (secretary reply) 3 days to respond.

The reason if asked, given by them is that they cannot reproduce the problem therefore they have no idea what happened, the reply comes after 15 hours after the issue first reported. They send a confirmation email very nicely saying do not reply we will get back to you.

One thing is sure they have very old servers which will not survive a digg effect. Now that is a shame.

This should prove that godaddy is hiring dumb heads and stupids who have no idea what they are dealing with.

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