How do you recreate a 503 error

How can you recreate a 503 error when your website had one. That had been getting through my mind, ever since my website had been down for a 503 error.

I host with godaddy and they rectified the error, and wrote back to me saying that they were not able recreate the 503 error and therefore are not able to resolve. Isn’t that funny. Even more one of their customer support, infact 2 of them wrote to me, asking me to clear my browser cache.

One of them writes to me

“Unfortunately, we are unable to replicate your error. Please verify that you are still encountering this error, and please provide the specific URL of these errors, and we will be happy to assist you in this matter.”

Now when somebody says a 503 error does it not mean for the particular directory or domain, how would the “specific url” come into concern – help me

Here is another one from their support

“Thank you for contacting Online Support. I was unable to duplicate the issue. The URL provided by you did show a page. The problem that you are experiencing may be a web browser “Cookie” related issue.

Please follow the directions below to modify the settings for an Internet Explorer browser:

1. From the Tools / Internet Options menu in Internet Explorer click the ‘Privacy’ tab
2. Click ‘Advanced’ then place a check mark in ‘Override Automatic Cookie Handling’
3. Select ‘accept’ in both ‘first-party’ and ‘third-party’ cookies
4. Place a check in ‘Always allow session cookies’

Now attempt to login (I am not trying to login to my account, I am trying to view my website)  to your account again and see if this has fixed the problem.

If you are not currently using Internet Explorer as your browser, please check with your browser vendor for instructions on how to clear cookies and allow a cookie for a specific site”. Dont they provide support for firefox?

hmmm…………… what has a 503 error to do with the browser cache. I simply do not understand that.

still with the issue on how to recreate a 503 error. Help me to help godaddy.


  1. I have paid hosting and if you are one person or two people commenting, both of you are idiots, or you are an idiot.

    503 error comes in apache too.

  2. im an idiot

    yes, im an idiot. i explain what ‘hosting’ is, and provide a link to the possible problem, yet you seemed to miss that point. fix your own problems and stop blaming others! maybe if you knew how to code correctly, then you would not get that error. did you even read the link? and i love your *intelligent* response (that was scarasm if you did not pick that up).

  3. to the im an idiot, it is not the wordpress blog i am speaking about. this wordpress blog is hosted by wordpress itself

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