Oh! Hey.. It’s Jelly…

Jelly.co founded by Biz Stone (@biz) is a brilliant app for Q & A for something that was missing in the current social network.  It is a nice name for an app of this type.
I read on twitter that there was a new app called Jelly by Biz.  Immediately got it installed.  There were was a glitch in creating new users via the twitter auth which soon got resolved and I was through. You could login via your Facebook account .  After signing in either with your Facebook or Twitter account the questions are seen by your respective followers (if they have the Jelly app installed) of Facebook or Twitter.

wpid-photo-1-2014-01-13-09-22.jpg The user Point, Shoot, writes the question in 240 characters and post.  As the app is opened in photo shoot mode with options of selecting pictures from the photo gallery.  All very nice.Once you have posted your query then someone needs to answer it, well therein lies the problem.  I have seen a handful of consistent users who have 50-100 odd answers for certain questions, but then that is among themselves.Jelly reminds me of Quora which at the time of inception it was framed as the leader in Q & A and now the emails it sends me makes me consider it as spam.

There is no search, category found in the app. It sure would be improved and have a difference from Quora and from posting on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and searching on Google by Similar Image.

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