Web designing with no content and graphics – A client and their way

I got introduced to this client by an acquaintance.  They wanted a website for their new company for which they had practically no profile, graphics or photos.

We had a very informal discussion on how matters would proceed.  The client was not well versed in web design or web development and one of their important questions was can we alter the content easily and I proceeded to tell its easy depending on the amount of content that needed to be changed or added.

I always ask my client on their ideas of design in the beginning to learn on their concept.  This client had none and was going to make my work difficult.  Difficult because a design done would be unsatisfactory to them at every point. Unsatisfactory because they had no clear cut idea on how their website is to be done.

Kept them in a talk on how the website would look, the quickness on loading the website, the latest designs, how the text must look, so on and so forth. As the talk proceeded I started designing the basic of their website in my mind and was a HOME/PRODUCT/CONTACT , 3 page website.

Once their profile and some images taken by them was sent to me, I came up with a flat design with a background image and  texts.  To start off they wanted their logo at the 200px range. My suggestion was to put on the INDEX PAGE, ONE line caption that gave the visitor an overall picture of the company and make it really simple but the client wanted to put the company profile, which was about 10 lines and I knew that its going to be all jammed up.  It was then suggested by the client that all their product brochures as images, and I did that too.

My frustration built up as I was completely unsatisfactory on how things were going and the clients stubbornness.

Once the website was completed it became too heavy for the products to load up for them and their customers.  They came back to me with loading issues and I reverted back of my advice.

It was back to the drawing board to redo the design with the text and product images.  I had to remove each product do image correction for the website and get the text off.  It was painstaking as the number of images was too much.  It took a whole 2 months to get the client satisfied with me unsatisfied still as no advice is heeding to them.

After a year or so they are back requesting a redesign. It is already 1.5 months into the request and we have not moved much apart from the basic.  I put in a sample of how things would look and decided to proceed with step by step.  I shall update on how things proceed.



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