blogspot and wordpress blogs

okay one more thing i just remembered, is that blogspot (blogger) has this imaculately designed annonying header for every blog that keeps reminding okay  this is not free. wordpress does not have that if you type in

opera mini

installed opera mini on my nokia hmmm.. i could not get the opera to open up well it did when i rebooted (microsoft wins) and clicked on the open button.  i wonder why it didnt open the first time after installation and only after rebooting.

Flex / apache / mysql / php

i got the apache running, mysql running, php installed all fine, indvidually working fine. i do all the development on my laptop, and i had reformated the and repartitioned the hdd recently and have to get these things working, and flex is a trial.  its always a nightmare as apache/mysql/php have to be the same … [Read more…]

blogspot to wordpress

i had to move some of my data to wordpress. now why would i move from blogspot to wordpress, allow me blogsmen and blogswomen lend me your ears. wordpress is for serious and not so serious bloggers (i am not though but still blog). Blogspot should have improved for the time they have been online, … [Read more…]

Dell GX 270 motherboard problem

Has anybody had problems with Dell GX 270 motherboards. I have 3 critical systems that went down due to a problem with the motherboard. Searches on the net via google came to light that over heating problem was the main problem.

Macromedia Flex

I am not sure how many would have tried Flex from macromedia (now part of adobe), its an application that lets one build rich internet application. i am downloading the trial version.


There is this new browser thats poping up, flock is an open-source browser built upon the Mozilla codebase that aims to provide direct, extension-less connections with a variety of hosted web services and applications. still in beta, im going a head and downloading.