Black shooter blasts onto consoles

The Burnout team swap cars for Kalashnikovs in a first-person blast that is big, dumb and full of guns and probably the last great shooter for the PlayStation 2 generation. There is a reason the developers describe Black as “gun porn”. In this four-course feast for the explosion-starved, players fill the hobnails of Jack Kellar, … [Read more…]

Viruses plague British businesses

Computer viruses are the single biggest cause of security problems for UK businesses, a survey by the Department of Trade and Industry shows. The study found almost 50% of the biggest security breaches suffered by companies in the last two years were due to infection by malicious programs. In some cases viruses crippled key systems … [Read more…]

Details unfolding on Microsoft’s ‘Origami’

As rumors unfurl about a new gadget upcoming from Microsoft, the company’s Origami Project is starting to take shape as a very small tablet computer, one perhaps affordable enough to appeal to mainstream consumers. The concept, which Microsoft plans to detail next month, is built on top of the Windows XP operating system but aims … [Read more…]

Yahoo claims start-up stole trade secrets

Yahoo has filed a lawsuit against wireless content company MForma, charging the San Francisco-based company and a group of ex-Yahoo employees there with theft of trade secrets. According to the lawsuit, which was filed Monday in a Santa Clara County state court, the group of seven former Yahoo employees copied large amounts of confidential business … [Read more…]

EA Black’s Secret Hidden Gun Code – Revealed!

Electronic Arts is giving away a secret code to people who pre-order their game, “Black”. The code will unlock a hidden BFG gun that lets you blow up virtually anything. Someone decompiled their flash web site and found the url that their restricted access login points to! The unlock code: 5SQQ-STHA-ZFFV-7XEV read more | digg story

Write your own operating system :)

Kernel development is not an easy task. This is a testament to your programming expertise: To develop a kernel is to say that you understand how to create software that interfaces with and manages the hardware. A kernel is designed to be a central core to the operating system – the logic that manages the … [Read more…]

Global spread of English threatens US, UK: study

The dominance of English as the world’s top language — until recently an advantage to both Britain and the United States — is now beginning to undermine the competitiveness of both nations, according to a major research report. he report commissioned by the British Council says monolingual English graduates “face a bleak economic future” as … [Read more…]