Dell GX 270 motherboard problem

Has anybody had problems with Dell GX 270 motherboards. I have 3 critical systems that went down due to a problem with the motherboard. Searches on the net via google came to light that over heating problem was the main problem.

Macromedia Flex

I am not sure how many would have tried Flex from macromedia (now part of adobe), its an application that lets one build rich internet application. i am downloading the trial version.


There is this new browser thats poping up, flock is an open-source browser built upon the Mozilla codebase that aims to provide direct, extension-less connections with a variety of hosted web services and applications. still in beta, im going a head and downloading.

Uninstall Vista Beta 5112

after going through vista i wanted to uninstall now this is going to be a problem as vista is installed as dual boot and it has its own bootloader. here are the steps 1. Backup, backup, backup 2. Reboot and Boot to your XP CD-ROM 3. Start the Recovery Console 4. Run Fixboot 5. Run … [Read more…]

vista beta 1 installation

ok i managed to get longhorn beta 1 got it written on a dvd 2.x gb hmm….im installing it right nowexcited?yes i am 🙂 because i got longhornno coz its beta 1 🙁 completing installation… not restart your computer durin this timeis the message, now what is it installing anyway??? during the wxp installation at … [Read more…]

mysql_pconnect 10061 error

i was taken back by the error of mysql_pconnect, i went about browsing the net, some said putting the php.ini in the windows directory, some said enter that unremark this, all this went on for 2 days. And this really pissed me off….. off i went to install apache 1.3x version, mysql 3.3x and php … [Read more…]

HAL.DLL fix system crash error

just had my laptop crashed and the error was a hal.dll error. i had tried to install longhorn and it gave me an error. got it solved by keying in bootcfg /rebuild. try the bootcfg /scan if it gives an error then go ahead with the /rebuild option. i just gave in the /rebuild option … [Read more…]