WIPA goes live

WIPA  is an organisation that brings Australian Web professionals together to exchange ideas, participate in debate, advance education and promote ethical practice To do this WIPA aims to focus on: Providing information and assistance to Web industry professionals through forums, mail lists, seminars, events and workshops Providing assistance to individuals who are trying to enter … [Read more…]

If ancient Rome had the Internet…

* The destruction of Pompeii in 79AD is the most viewed video at YouTube. The first comment is…”OMG so cool! Volcanos ROCK!” * Attila the Hun has his own MySpace page. Nobody ever rejects his “invite a friend” emails. * The soothsayer’s “Ides of March” email fails to get Caesar’s proper attention as it’s inadvertently … [Read more…]

Google Finance done by Indians!!!

Google was set to launch on Tuesday a beta test version of Google Finance, a Web site aggregating information about public and private companies and mutual funds that features an interactive chart correlating news and other events with stock price spikes and falls. Charts can be changed to show stock activity for different time periods … [Read more…]

Amazon: Grid Storage Web Service Launches

Amazon Web Service is launching a new web service tonight called S3 – which stands for “Simple Storage Serviceâ€?. It is a storage service backend for developers that offers “a highly scalable, reliable, and low-latency data storage infrastructure at very low costsâ€?. Until now, a sophisticated and scalable data storage infrastructure like Amazon’s has been … [Read more…]