Microsoft hints at Origami date

The veil of mystery surrounding Microsoft’s secretive Origami portable device lifted just a little Thursday after the firm updated the project’s cryptic Web site, hinting that all would be revealed on March 9.

Linux Sysadmin tools

An interactive process viewer: htop htop. Most Linux users, when they first wanted to find out what was eating all their CPU time, were taught about top. Top tells you what processes are running and how many resources they’re using … in just about the most unfriendly way possible. Htop does exactly the same thing … [Read more…]

A MySpace Cheat Sheet for Parents

MySpace can be unfamiliar ground to busy parents, and not everything is as it seems on the site. So Wired News addresses some of the most pressing questions parents might have if they explore their teenager’s relationship with MySpace. This FAQ relies heavily on an interview with UC Berkeley researcher Danah Boyd, who studied teens’ … [Read more…]

From Russia without love – Trojan targets basic Java phones

Ne’er-do-wells have created a Trojan that can infect mobiles phones running Java applications. RedBrowser-A infects not only smart phones, but any mobile phone capable of running Java (J2ME) applications, according to Russian anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab. The mobile malware poses as a program called RedBrowser that supposedly allows surfers to visit WAP sites without using … [Read more…]