5 Reasons George W. Bush Isn’t As Stupid As You Think

5. His “Down-Home” Country Roots Why He Appears Mentally Disabled Famously, Bush has cleared more brush than, well, a guy who’s cleared a lot of brush. It’s his hobby—moving sticks around like a real live cowboy. Go figure. Why He’s Actually a Genius He made America forget that he’s actually from the North. The cowboy … [Read more…]

French are rudest, most boring people on earth

A decisive 46 percent of the 6,000 people surveyed by travellers' website Where Are You Now (WAYN) said the French were the most unfriendly nation people on the planet, British newspapers reported. The Germans have no to reason to celebrate the damning verdict. They came second on all three counts. WAYN's French founder, Jerome Touze, … [Read more…]