Godaddy VS 1and1

I read quite a bit about the perils of GoDaddy, and I know their support team at time sucks :P, but their offers are good.  Okay now 1and1 offers are good, the major difference is GoDaddy’s MySql DB space is the limit of the hosting space and 1and1 offers only 100MB per DB.  Take that into consideration of photo galleries as such.  Oh 1and1 gives 2GB of Email and GoDaddy gives 10MB, now that sucks.


  1. The biggest advantage of using GoDaddy over 1and1 are 1) the database size and 2) cater for outside US/Can.

    The email size of 10mb sucks but you can use Google Hosted service to manage your domain’s email.

    This is what I am doing.

  2. I set-up BankRaid a few years ago to highlight my battle with 1&1. A couple of years down the road and it all became too much too handle – and too costly as well. Too many folk ‘out there’ were writing to me asking for help. So, now I’m taking a different tack. I cannot afford to be so charitable and need some recompense for all my efforts. I’m proposing an alternative way forward. As it appears that 1&1 are virtually beyond the law, inasmuch that regulating agencies (both government and on the internet) seem reluctant to help the consumer, I thought I’d set up my own hosting company and try and attract customers – hopefully many from 1&1! Just seems that this is the only way to go. Please visit and see how life can be so much better!

  3. Godaddy support is in the US, you talk with people who speak US English and seem to be knowledgeable. I’m with 1and1 and recently helped a friend move from Godaddy to 1and1. 1and1 created a nightmare and Godaddy’s support staff was amazingly helpful in resolving the issue even though she was moving away from them. 1and1’s support was (insert Indian accent) pretty much useless.
    when everything was resolved (5 weeks) all has been fine.

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