never as a blog, worth a minimum of $500,000 is a nice name to start-off with, as a blog yes. And it was much publicized, advertised, mouth-vertisied among the tech folks in general, in the beginning.

I noticed because it had a nice domain and wondered if it was like WordPress. Let me tell you WordPress won my heart the day it started. It was not the case with

Consider this: Facebook as it stands is a social networking website, no matter how many features are added it still does not get out of the social networking shell.

Medium had a different style of blogging and authoring. It was simply minimal. There is no offer of subdomains, posts are not visible for the general public or on search engines and will appear on the front page if it has a certain number of hits or views, the authors are at this moment of time are unknown to slightly well-known to well-known to test posters. And some people blog on Medium to get out their products into the limelight which actually proves there are known authors on medium.

The founders of twitter are the founders of Medium, but there is a difference. Twitter was founded when the 140 chars and micro-blogging was never heard off. There were famous tech people who came in to support twitter’s pulse as a startup. Twitter lived and is still living because it is not only a 140 char website but also a micro-blog, also a RSS Feed / News Feed, Breaking / Flash News. Image adding has spun them off lucky with the teens.

Medium has come into the arena where blogging is taken up by the leading blogging company AutomatticBlogspot. The best part of WordPress is they offer it as download. There is also GHOST, which is excellent by the way because one can download it and install on a server to run a stand-alone blog and the down side of GHOST is it runs on Node.js.

Medium is good at this point of time not as the time proceeds. Medium will not go any further and die down in the coming 3 years as the famous move on to their publishing medium.


After publishing this post I saw that the below post was just below mine and said next to read. It read like its mine.


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