Microsoft is a crying baby – aged 0.6 years

Microsoft is crying about suing all Linux and open source users before and after the launch of vista. From the reviews written by eminent professionals, it is clear cut that there is no reason specified by Microsoft. They bought suse to strike at the open source community with proprietary claims., their claims were futile.

Now having sold just 244 license of vista in the Chinese market, which I believe that Microsoft has sold w.r.t the what vista had to provide, its pretty good. Oh and to add their wonderful list of multiple updates and patches before and after the release of the much delayed and much awaited vista. How much they have sold in the North American,Europe, ASIA is to bee seen.

Anyway coming back to the claims that every grandmother who uses Linux has to pay Microsoft a royalty is foolishness, that would have one statement that Microsoft is making now money down the line. They are not even making money in the office 2007 line too. They have a sharepoint system which only corporates of size greater than 1000 find useful and worth paying for.

Finally just ignore the crying baby, its finally going to stop and start minding its own business. Business if it has one.

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