Beef Pasta

After giving it a few wondering thoughts, I decided to make beef pasta. I normally use the processed sauce that comes in tins or bottles and mix ingredients to my taste. Ingredients: Pasta Minced Beef Onion Tomato puree Pepper Oregano Salt Chilly Powder Turmeric Method: Pasta Initially boil the pasta till it becomes soft, drain … [Read more…]

iTunes is for Restore and Backup Only

Having an iPhone is great, well its a great phone.  Great not because I use the iPhone but great because it has the best app UI/UX, reliable, iOS interface is excellent.  It all goes great till you need to update apps.  If you want to update apps of around 100MB it goes good even with … [Read more…]

Paneer Touchings

I shall call it Paneer Touchings Ingredients Paneer or Cottage Cheese (based on the number of people) Salt Chilly flakes or chilly powder (chilly flakes was my choice as it gives a viewable effect to the paneer) Lime juice (not lemon) Method Sauté the paneer in oil (though butter is good but oil is preferable) … [Read more…]